Hello world

I’m a late blooming blogger. For years I have been in resistance around setting up a solo blog, yet, I advise clients all the time, they must have a blog and that they need to have a social media presence in today’s world wide web. The constant activity is apparently, how Google finds us in searches and how traffic is directed to our websites. So, as a graphic designer, why wouldn’t I practice what I preach? Because I haven’t believed I have had anything worthwhile to say, or share that hasn’t already been said. Yet ironically, I’m really into blogs – other peoples blogs –  and subscribe to many. I lose hours in my days getting lost in trails of links and downloads that lead me to a plethora of inspirational resources and references. Too often I am ‘wowed’ by what I find, yet it never occurs to me to share it in a blog? I share on my facebook page but not in a blog. What was I thinking? Hul-lo! (And thank you Nick Lo for getting through to me.)

Take the chalk typography below for example. I found it on one of my daily design subscriptions typography-daily.com and thought ‘how skill-fully lovely is that?’ It’s not necessarily my visual cup of tea, I’m not really into ‘decorative’ visual styles, but my-oh-my aren’t they lovely and technically brilliant? I had to share.

It seems I do have something to say and share – watch out world!

Beautiful work by Tommaso Guerra
Beautiful work by Tommaso Guerra
Hello world

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