What the Shuck?

Who the shuck is Shuck? Shuck Oyster Purveyors is a new company that is dedicated to worshiping the Australian oyster in all its glorious forms. Whether it’s a Pambula Angasi, a Bruny Island Pacific or a Wooli Sydney Rock they pay homage to the individuality of each oyster based on its unique ‘merroir’*.

Below is the recently signed off logo design which, by the way needed to look feminine, include the silvers, greys, blues and greens of Australia’s rivers, bays and estuaries, and it also needed to reference the waters and the land/seascapes where oysters are grown.

*An oyster’s ‘merroir’ is the marine equivalent of a wine’s ‘terroir’ and describes the subtle differences in flavour based on where the oyster has been grown.

Shuck logo-04Shuck logo on background-05

What the Shuck?

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