Keeping it real baby

A wee logo we developed at the end of last year for a fabulous film making couple – John and Lizzie Swatland. The brief was to somehow convey heartfelt, being real and authentic. We played around with the idea of a heart which was a tad obvious and essentially a bit twee, so we removed half of it to see if that lessened the obviousness. The top part of the letter ‘R’ began to show itself, so we added a descender to see what that looked like, followed by the white dashed line to convey the holes or sprockets in analogue film. We also played around with a number of typefaces but kept coming back to the typewriter styles for their very basic, no frills appearance which conveyed a sense of authenticity. The use of red was a subtle visual reference back to the heart.Being Reel logo-03 Being Reel logo-05

Keeping it real baby

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