Hyperlinks and Adobe Illustrator work around

I googled high and low to figure out how to simply include a hyperlink in an Illustrator layout whose end use was to be an interactive pdf. I had no idea that it wasn’t easily do-able in Illustrator. I know it’s ‘simple as’ in Indesign and dreaded the thought of having to recreate the layout in Indesign for one small link.

I tried several of the suggestions I found on google but frustratingly, none worked. I was tearing my hair out. The good news is, I stumbled upon a work around that wasn’t anywhere to be found on google – well I couldn’t see it – and it was soooo simple (so simple that most of you probably already do it this way) I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier. So for those of you, who like me, couldn’t see the forest for the frustrating trees…

1 simply save your Illustrator document as a pdf

2 and place it in a new document in Indesign

3 create a new text box and type in your url, make it white and place it where you want the link to be

4 create a new hyperlink (Type>Hyperlink & cross references) and follow the options to make it invisible

5 send the hyperlink to the back and save the pdf as usual ensuring the hyperlink box is checked. Voila!

Hyperlinks and Adobe Illustrator work around

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